How to Handle a Huge Workload in University

I just happen to go through this all the time, so I might as well try to give advice about what to do when you have so much work to do that you want to cry while clutching your pillow like a lifesaver.

1. Clean your desk

I can’t stress this enough. I always include this in ALL of my posts for the sole reason of how actually important this is. Stick with this: clean desk, clear mind. It is no joke, I can confirm this to be an actual thing.

In case you need some inspiration, check my Office Pinterest board. I am quite jealous of most of those desks, but it still inspires me to make my own desk look appealing to me, and therefore make me feel productive enough to get to work.

2. Organize your work

Before you go all in and start stressing about what to do first… Gather all that you have to do, write it down and prioritize. There is no better way to succeed than to do this. As you are giving your work precedence, you might want to check out this masterpost on Tumblr about how to organize your work more thoroughly: organisation by areistotle.

I usually gather them by subjects into stacks of notebooks and papers and bring those with the most importance closer towards my position on the desk, or even slap a post-it with a number on it to know which subject goes next.

3. Chop it into bite-sized bits

Now that you’re all organized and your desk is clean, get comfy on your seat because you’re going to gather your organized chunks of work and separate each individual task that you have: create notes, reading an amount of pages, an essay, a presentation… Make it as atomic as possible. For example, if you have to do a presentation, divide the presentation’s sections so that you can do them in different sessions but still get some quality work done.

4. Schedule them in

This is really up to you, actually, since everyone knows how they get most work done. However, I highly recommend switching between hard and easy bits of work from different subjects, though keeping in mind the precedence you have established upon them.

If you’re a procrastinator such as I, “trick” yourself into doing the smallest bits of work first. Once you start, you can keep tricking yourself saying “just this one more and I’ll take a break!” and so on.

Obviously, whenever you come across a problem or a question you can’t seem to get an answer for, ask your professors and classmates! Don’t let that stop you, and carry on with another task while you can’t move forwards.

5. Get down to it!

You have already accomplished cleaning, organizing, chunking, and scheduling all of your work, you know what you have to do and when you have to do it. Now, get down to it! Grab your stationery, your laptop/tablet or whatever and do all of those things that will get you closer to your goal.

Always remember to stay hydrated, clean and comfortable – it will make studying so much more enjoyable. Every hour or so, get up from your desk and go for a small walk around the house, talk to your family, get on social media… And most of all, good luck!

I hope that this helped any of you that have a huge amount of work to get through. Feel free to like and comment on this post (or any other, for that matter), and follow this blog for more posts like this (whenever I come around to write them). Loads of love, x.